Thanksgiving Page

 The First Thanksgiving - picture timeline, voyage on the Mayflower, Plimoth1621 and a Thanksgiving cyber-challenge

Thanksgiving in American memory - Library of Congress primary resources pages

The Pilgrims - who they were, where they came from, what they did

Thanksgiving History - travel back to Plymouth on History Channel broadband, watch the video to find out what the original celebration was actually like!

 The Wampanoag and Thanksgiving - learn about the first inhabitants of the Plymouth region, their culture, the impact that the Pilgrims' arrival had upon their lives and the evolution of the relationship between the early colonists and the Wampanoag.

American Heritage - read and listen about how how Thanksgiving became an official national holiday.

Norman Rockwell and Freedom from Want

A Thanksgiving Clipart Site

A Thanksgiving Story and a quiz - test your knowledge

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Saturday Evening Post
(covers on Thanksgiving)





A Lesson Plan - for intermediate EFL stds

New York Times - lessons on Thanksgiving

 NYT Web Explorer - Exploring the History and Meaning of the Holiday

 Thanksgiving Postcards
send one of these antique Thanksgiving greetings circa 1910

 Thanksgiving Games

 A Thanksgiving Webquest why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? How did the holiday begin? Who declared Thanksgiving a national holiday? What was the first Thanksgiving like? Who attended the first Thanksgiving? Why is Thanksgiving always celebrated in the fall?

Thanksgiving Graphics

Billy Bear's Thanksgiving Graphics

Kate's Net Bountiful Thanksgiving - an impressive directory of Thanksgiving and related sites in categories such as a history of the holiday, educational materials, online greeting cards, craft ideas, and activities for children

A Brief History of America (Thanksgiving according to Michael Moore)




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